Friday, July 19, 2013

Hernandez say’s Tebow should give tight end a try

A few weeks before Aaron Hernandez life changed forever he spoke with the media at the Patriots facility about his good friend Tim Tebow. It was Hernandez who speculated that Tebow, his former teammate at the University of Florida might give playing tight end a try.

George Diaz of the Orlando Sentinel who covered Tebow in college and the Denver Post’s Mark Kisla who covered him on the Broncos both feel replacing Hernandez is something Tebow could do.  
Well Tebow told New England coach and master motivator Bill Belichick that he is team player. Tim was clear that playing quarterback was his main focus but he would keep an open mind when talking with coach Belichick.

Well let’s take a look at the Hernandez vs. Tebow tale of the tape. Tebow stands 6’”3 weights 236 pounds and runs 4.72 seconds in the 40 yard dash. Meanwhile, Hernandez is 6’1” weighs 245 pounds and he runs the 40 in 4.64.  

There is a great difference when you compare them physically; however when it comes to football I.Q. that advantage goes to Tebow by a mile. 

So could Tebow play tight end for the Patriots? 

The answer is a clear yes if both he and Belichick want to explore that option. The reason Tebow is with the Pats in the first place is because Belichick loves Tebow's toughness, his dedication and his loyalty. From day one that Tebow came to New England when asked about him playing quarterback, the Pats head man has smiled and said "We will see where he fits best."

Remember in the Josh McDaniels, Patriots offense the tight end moves all over the place. Sometimes he is in the backfield, other times he is in the slot and yes at times he is in the traditional tight end formation.

A key factor in Tebow the tight end is the return to the lineup of one of the premier tight ends in the business Rob Gronkowski. He has had back surgery and is rehabbing but at this moment the team is expecting to play without at least for the first couple of weeks in the regular season and perhaps longer. 

At this moment Gronkowski is doing rehab work with team trainers, concentrating primarily on stretching and improving core strength. He still appears to be headed for the physically unable to perform list (the PUP list) to open training camp later this month.

So, soon it might be Tebow, Belichick, and maybe Tom Brady in a room talking about the season. The duo tells Tebow for greater good of the Patriots organization they need him to take Hernandez place at tight end.

I think Tebow say’s yes and opening day he is in the starting line-up at tight end as the New England faces the Bills September the 8th.  .   

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