Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Intervention: Both Tebow and Brady tried to help Hernandez

Troubled former New England Patriots tight end Arron Hernandez ignored help from both Tom Brady and Tim Tebow. The latest revelation on Hernandez came from a 2011 NFL Films shot on December 18, 2011 when the Pats played the Broncos in Denver.  

The film shows the two quarterbacks talking with each other after the game. In this exchange from the film Tebow and Brady are shown talking about Hernandez, as well as former Florida Gator Brandon Spikes.

 “...I’m trying to watch over Aaron and Brandon,” Brady tells Tebow.
 “I appreciate that, too, man. They’re good guys,” Tebow responds.
 “[Yeah] they’re a lot to handle,” Brady says.    

Both Brady and Tebow closed their conversation with the usual good wishes.

“Good game, Tim. You’re having a great year,” Brady says.
“Thanks. I appreciate it,” Tebow says.
“Keep it up. Good things happen to good people," Brady says
“I appreciate that,” Tebow responds.

In a related item the Orlando Sentinel reported that in 2007 that Tebow attempted to break up a bar fight that Hernandez got into while both were at the University of Florida. Tebow helped get Aaron Hernandez's to play at the University of Florida, but the quarterback wasn't able to help keep the tight end out of trouble. 

Radar.com claims, citing Hernandez's descent into drugs and trouble following the death of his father in 2006.   

The Radar report went on to say:  "... Hernandez made a visit to Florida, a visit that was partly hosted by Tebow, and then a freshman quarterback and Hernandez made the decision – shocking to those close to him at the time – to leave home and play tight end for the Gators."

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