Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Orlando Magic Power Forward Glen Davis:”Doc Rivers perfect for the Clippers.”

As most of you know I am a big fan of the Jay Mohr Show heard weekdays on Fox Sports Radio. Well on Monday’s show Jay had the Orlando Magic’s power forward Glen Davis as a guest on the program. Now Davis has a very good insight on Doc Rivers the new Clippers head coach as well as his former teammate Dwight Howard.

Davis won an NBA title as a member of the Boston Celtics coached by Doc Rivers and he played in Orlando with Dwight Howard. So when talks about the two men he does so with a great deal of personal knowledge.   

As you might expect the conversation between Mohr and Davis centered on the enigma that is Dwight Howard and how Doc Rivers will do as the new coach in L.A. with the Clippers.

Here is a bit of the conversation:

Mohr: "You played with Dwight Howard in Orlando in 2011.  Here in L.A., Dwight Howard gets destroyed on a day-in, day-in basis...Good guy?"

Davis: " Yeah, [good] person.  He's a great personAs far as his basketball career, I have no comments on that; it shows for itself.  I don't really have to speak on that."

Mohr: "How is Doc Rivers going to fit in with the LA Clippers with the talent they have?  Give us an expert analysis having played for Doc Rivers and having played against half the Clippers team - how does Doc Rivers fit over there? "

Davis: "I think he fits in really well. He's a coach that's really versatile; he's a players' coach. He understands his players, but at the same time, he keeps that discipline in thereIt will  be big for Blake [Griffin] because now he’s going to get Blake in situations where he can get the ball and he can use his athleticism to the best of his ability.  And then he’s just going to get the best out of those guys because he knows exactly what he's doing and he's a motivational type of guy."

To hear the entire interview click here for the Fox Sports Radio Jay Mohr Show broadcast.. 

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